Appetizer   Entrées    
  L1. Spring Roll _______________________________________3.25 Your choice of chicken, beef, pork, tofu, or vegetables__________6.95    
  Crispy Thai rolls stuffed with vegerables and
bean threads served with plum sauce.
Your choice of shrimp, squid, scallop, or combination of meats____7.95
Entrées served with steamed jasmine rice and Your choice of
L2. Todd Mun(Fish Cake)________________________________4.95
complimentary salad: Ginger Soy, Thai Peanut, and
Thai Style fish cake served with a side of
cucumber salad.
Sesame Oil Dressing
  L3. Fried Tofu ________________________________________3.95 L18. Red Curry    
Fried tofu served with Thai Style peanut sauce. Sautéed meat with bamboo shoot, bell pepper, green bean, carrot
and basil in red curry sauce.
  L4. Fried Calamari_____________________________________5.95 L19. Green Curry    
Fried Squid served with Thai sweet chili sauce. Sautéed meat with eggplant, bamboo shoot, bell pepper, green
bean, and basil in green curry sauce.
  L5. Satay_____________________________________________6.50 L20. Panang Curry    
Marinated chicken in mild curry coconut milk served
with peanut sauce and a side of cucumber
Sautéed meat with snow pea, bell pepper, carrot, and basil in
panang curry sauce.
Soup L21. Phad Kapow    
Stir-fried meat with chili, basil, bell pepper, and onion in spicy brown sauce.
L6. Tom Yum__________________________________________2.95 L22. Ginger Delight
Spicy sour soup with your choice of chicken or
shrimp(3.50), mushroom, onion, cilantro, scallions.
Stir-fried meat with ginger, mushroom, onion, and bell pepper in
light brown sauce.
L7. Tom Kha__________________________________________2.95 L23. Phad Prik Pow
Coconut milk soup with chicken, mushroom, onion
cilantro and scallions.
Stir-fried meat with onion, bell pepper, and scallion in spicy and
sweet chili jam sauce.
L8. Potak ____________________________________________3.50 L24 Phad Prik Khing
Lemongrass and lime broth with seafood,
mushroom, onion, cilantro and scallions.
Stir-fried meat with bell pepper and green bean in spicy prik khing
L9. Wonton___________________________________________2.95 L25. Cashews Nut
Chicken wonton in clear broth with vegetables. Stir-fried meat with onion, bell pepper, water chestnut, celery, carrot
and cashew nut in mild sauce.
L10.Vegetables and Tofu_______________________________2.95 L26. Sweet n’ Sour
Vegetables broth with steamed tofu and vegetables. Sautéed meat with pineapple, onion, cucumber, tomato, and bell
pepper in sweet and sour sauce.
Noodles and Fried Rice L27. Pepper Steak
Sautéed meat with bell pepper, mushroom, and onion in special
brown sauce.
your choice of beef, pork , tofu, or vegetables _______________6.95
your choice of shrimp, squid, scallop, or combination of meats___7.95
L28. Mixed Vegetables
  Stir-fired meat with mixed vegetables in light brown sauce.
Noodles and Fried Fice do not serve with steamed jasmine rice
Your choice of complimentary salad: Ginger soy,Thai Peanut, and Sesame Oil Dressing
L29. Phad Gra tiam
Sautéed meat with garlic and black pepper in mild light brown sauce
served on steamed vegetables.
L11.Pad Thai Desserts
Stir-fried rice noodles with egg, bean sprout, scallion,
carrot and other mild spices.
Homemade Ice-cream__________________________________2.95
L12.Pad Se-Ew
  Stir-fried wide noodle with egg. broccoli, and black soy sauce. Your choice of coconut, mango, or Thai tea.
L13.Pad Lad-Na Banana Delight_______________________________________ 5.00
Wide noodle topped with Thai style mild gravy served
with broccoli
Bananas battered with crunched almonds in pastry skins served
crunchy and topped with honey and sesame seeds.
L14.Drunken Noodle Fried Ice Cream ______________________________________ 3.95
Stir-fried wide noodle with egg, bell-pepper, onion
basil and fresh chili.
A scoop of vanilla ice cream covered with tasty pound cake and
L15.Noodle Soup/Tom Yum Noodle Soup Sweet Sticky Rice with Mango (seasonal)_________________ 4.50
Rice Noodles simmered in light broth/spicy and sour soup with bean
An aromatic sweet rice mixed with coconut milk, accompanied with
sweet mango.
L16.Fried Rice Combination Desserts_________________________________ 6.50
Stir-fried rice with egg, green pea, tomatoes, onion,
topped with scallion and carrot.
Sweet sticky rice with a scoop of ice cream (your choice of coconut,
mango, or Thai tea), circled by crunchy slice of bananas and
L17.Basil Fried Rice topped with honey and sesame seeds.
Spicy stir-fried rice with basil, chilli, onion, bell pepper and scallions. Fried Cheese cake____________________________________4.25
       Lightly battered cheese cake deep-fried served with whipped
       cream, chocolate sauce and cherry on top.



Mild, Medium, Hot, or Thai hot. It’s all your choice.
Credit Cards are accepted for purchase of $10 or more.
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